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AI that is strategically aligned

Need help getting started with AI?

Many companies want to tap into AI but don't know where to start. Our AI strategies go beyond basic software integration. Through custom road-mapping, we ensure FileMaker remains a core asset while unlocking AI's full potential across your organization.

  • Strategy first: We start with your business goals to develop an AI integration strategy tailored to your needs.
  • Skill building: Our training programs upskill your teams to own and manage AI-driven solutions.
  • Ongoing optimization: We don't just implement and leave - our support helps maximize ROI over the long term.

A common misconception is that implementing AI is simply about installing some software and letting it run. We know better. Our strategy-first approach begins with a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s existing skills, processes, and goals. From there, we custom-design a roadmap that not only includes AI solutions but also a plan to build your in-house AI capability. Our aim is to empower your team to manage and adapt AI solutions autonomously, ensuring long-term value and scalability.

The Result? AI That Drives Real Business Value

  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Higher revenue and lower costs
Building AI enabled FileMaker apps

AI for FileMaker

As recognised experts in this area, we regularly deliver presentations on integrating FileMaker and AI to a variety of international audiences. We're next presenting at Engage EU in Antwerp in November 2023

The key to project success is to link the new capability to business activities that support a clear customer value proposition. Without this, you can spend a lot of money but see no ROI. It's not just a question of implementing a link to ChatGPT and saying you're done.  We'll help you choose the best project for an AI implementation and follow through by helping you build the necessary business capabilities.

We're a Claris Partner and are FileMaker Certified.

Long and deep FileMaker experience

About Transforming Digital...

Based in London, Transforming Digital is run by Ian Jempson, a highly experienced technologist with 30 years of experience consulting on and implementing business solutions.

He is a recognised expert on FileMaker integrations with AI and speaks regularly at conferences on the topic.

Ian earned his MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) and wrote his dissertation on the strategic implications of AI. He engages in continual professional development with further studies at WBS and Saiid Business School (Oxford). As a Certified Scrum Master, Ian combines technical knowledge with an agile, results-oriented approach. His Claris and AWS certifications ensure optimal cloud-based AI solutions for any business need.

You won't be dealing with a new hire straight out of university, but with an experienced dedicated professional who goes the extra mile to ensure project success.