We build AI enabled apps with
Claris FileMaker

to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Why Us?

Over 20 years solving business problems with technology
Based in London, we provide consulting and advice on technology strategy and direction.

With experience in building solutions in recruiting, finance, education, and other industries we're well positioned to help.

Why AI?

AI is an enabling technology
What was previously impossible is now simple. This opens up new avenues for competitive advantage or cost reduction.

It's not the solution for every problem, we can help determine if there is a business case.

Why FileMaker?

Build powerful custom apps faster
 Claris FileMakerâ„¢ is the original low-code platform. It's easier than ever to build a solution specific to your business needs.

When off-the-shelf software doesn't solve your problem, FileMaker is the ideal tool.

AI for documents

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract content and meaning from documents.

Extracting the key semantic information from a document enables us to build a knowledge graph and discover new linkages between data points.

Search across all your contracts instantly. Extract key dates and events and integrate with your calendar.

If you're using sticky notes to manage contract expiry dates, there is a better way!

Dashboards for real-time MIS

Better information leads to better decisions.

Cost effective dashboards and MIS reporting without the enormous expense of Tableau or Qlik licenses.

Software Products

If you've got an idea for the next big thing, talk to us.

We can help with product strategy and development.

Partnerships and Certifications

Authorised Claris Partners

We've been Claris partners in one form or another for a long time

AWS Certified

We've been working with Amazon Web Services for several years and use it for most of our cloud infrastructure needs

Scrum Certified

Agile development is the most effective methodology for software development and scrum is the best known technique

Contact us:
hello at transformingdigital.ai