Where we excel

Building integrated systems that deliver real business value.
Here are some examples

Computer vision with FileMaker

A prototype to demonstrate integrating a physical Kanban board with the FileMaker Pro Kanban add-on.
This  implements a micro-service architecture incorporating a Python back-end using Fast-API, OpenCV, and AWS Rekognition. The OCR component is modular and can easily use Tesseract or other services in place of Rekognition.

Audio Comparison web app

A tool for finding differences between audio files.
Forming part of the quality control process for a firm in the vinyl record industry, it reduces costs by highlighting QC issues early in the production process.

Technologies are Python, Flask, and Bootstrap.

Web app for CoreML models

CoreML models are the format used for FileMaker's built in machine language functionality. Before they added a native function to interrogate CoreML models we needed a way to understand model parameters.

Using Python and Flask we built a web app to load CoreML models and understand the query parameters. 

Fully automated billing system

Built in entirely in FileMaker, this system automates a complex billing and reconciliation process.
Importing billing information from a supplier it simplifies a very complex set of business rules and generates invoicing of several million pounds per year on a fully automated basis. Development required a rigorous test-driven development approach to ensure complete reliability.

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