How we can help

At the intersection of FileMaker, AI, and interesting business problems

FileMaker for Business

Supporting competitive advantage

Whether your goal is cost reduction or growth FileMaker has a role to play. Reduced development time increases business agility and avoids opportunity costs. 

Deploying the best technology allows us to simplify and streamline existing processes. Or to build new capabilities.

With FileMaker we can quickly prototype new business processes. The rapid pace of development with FileMaker means that systems can be built to solve short term problems and easily decommissioned when the need is done.

FileMaker for IT Departments

FileMaker plays well with IT

Providing independent advice on best-practice deployment and management of FileMaker solutions that IT departments need to support. 

We can help with everything from a lift and shift to the cloud to helping with integration as part of a replatforming project.

Employing the AWS Well Architected Framework ensures that systems are highly available, resilient, and cost effective.

If you have an internal development team we can work with them to help incorporate machine learning technologies into your existing systems.

FileMaker for Developers

Help with a project

We work with other developers to help out on a project by project basis. If there's a particular problem that's got you stumped we can help.

Projects at the intersection of interesting business problems, FileMaker and AI are what we're really good at.

If you're new to AI, we can get help get you up to speed

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